With 25 years experience as a qualified arborist I have grown into a trade that I am extremely passionate about

LD tree care is the product of this passion and experience

Tree care should be focussed around helping us share our outdoor space with our trees. This requires an understanding of the needs of the tree and how those needs can be aligned with the needs of the trees owner

This is the basis to my company ethic, working with the client and their trees to find the perfect balance

A conservation driven company covering all aspects of outdoor space management.

Crown reduction

Reducing the trees crown with a focus on natural regrowth

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Hedge care

Trimming /pruning /resizing

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Crown thinning

Removal of branches from within the trees crown

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Sectional dismantling

Removing a tree by dismantling it in sections

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Removal of all growth to an agreed point

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Dead wooding

Removing dead branches

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  • Lutterworth, United Kingdom